About Us
Inspired by our calling, we aim:
Encourage a personal relationship with Christ.Encourage a daily prayer life.Encourage daily bible study. 

We welcome visitors to Ketchikan by way of the cruise lines every year. However, locating  a handful of people we have not met amongst thousands of passengers is problematic. We encourage our visitors to take a cab to the building. We are well practiced to return you to your ship.
Our visitors with special needs, please contact us.
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 Contact Us
3149 Tongass Ave.
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
Phone: (907)225-4475

Preacher - Gary Souza
(907) 225-1271

Cab Companies;
In the event a cab is not readily available here are the phone numbers for the three cab companies that service Ketchikan.
Nearest cross street Tongass and Carlanna.
Yellow Cab- 907-225-5555
Yellow has a handicap accessible van available.
Alaska Cab- 907-225-2133
Sourdough Cab- 907-225-5544

Times We Meet


09:30 am Adult Bible Study

10:30 am Assembly

Tuesday-1:30 pm Gospel Singing at Pioneer Home​.

Wed.-6:00 pm Potluck and Bible Study at the building.

**First Sunday of the month is a Fellowship Dinner. We stay for a shared meal at the building. Following the meal we have a business meeting. 

***First Wednesday of each month we prepare and serve at the local Soup Kitchen. All are welcome to help and be blessed by ministering to others.***
Gospel Singing at the Pioneer Home.What hymns are your favorite?